Take on greater success with a graduate degree from St. 爱德华的.

When it comes to moving forward in your career or shifting to a new one, graduate school is more important now than ever.

硕士学位来自St. 爱德华的 will help you reach your goals faster, prepare you more fully and give you a lifelong network to support your future endeavors.

我们尊敬的 研究生课程 提供全球联系, career-building experience and in-demand skills that exceed individual job requirements — so that no matter how much or quickly your career environment changes, you’ll be ready to take on your world and thrive.

22% is the average earnings increase for master’s degree holders as compared to those with only a bachelor’s degree.

(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2019)

为什么圣. 爱德华的?

我们的高学术水平, flexible program formats and personalized approach offer you a profound and practical 教育al experience. You’ll graduate equipped to take on a whole new level of success.



Our professor-mentors are all leaders, consultants and practitioners in their field who teach from case studies and their extensive workplace experience.



Classes are small, interactive and collaborative — online and on campus. You’ll forge close professional ties with your professors and classmates.



咨询, practicum and internship opportunities with real clients are strengthened by our partnerships in Austin and provide hands-on experience. 



Timely and relevant coursework builds highly sought-after knowledge and skills. You’ll apply what you learn in class to your job the next day.



Our Career and Professional Development services and 35,000-strong alumni global network are support you can call on for life.



我们图书馆的计算机站, 会议室和写作中心, plus our fitness and dining facilities, 帮助你平衡工作, 家庭与学习.


Our graduate alumni comprise a large and growing network of project leaders, 副总统, 高级管理人员和企业家. You’ll find them pursuing fulfilling careers in a range of industries, from Fortune 500s to their own companies, 包括:

  • 高级微器件(AMD)
  • 毕马威(KPMG) 
  • 苹果 
  • 德勤
  • 墨西拿旅游团 
  • Falkon合资企业
  • site家庭食品
  • 德克萨斯大学奥斯汀分校
  • IBM 
  • 奥斯汀市
  • 戴尔
  • 拉格兰控股有限责任公司
  • 冈萨雷斯 & 同事咨询



Austin is known for innovation in business, 生命科学, 教育, 人类服务, 音乐和科技. The city is a hub of economic growth, promising startups and iconic corporations such as 苹果, 谷歌, 脸谱网, 英特尔, Qualcomm, Whole Foods and Seton Family Hospitals. Our partnerships with professional organizations in Austin give you networking and practical learning opportunities.

91% of our graduate students agree their St. 爱德华的 教育 helped them meet their goals.




“I like that most of my classes had practicum, simulation or hands-on experiences where we applied what we’d learned, and my instructors were all from the working world.”

——桑德拉·刘易斯(sandra Lewis
Senior Program Manager, Dupont – Global Integrated Business Planning


“What I learned in class was transformative. The MAC program goes in-depth to bring counseling and counseling theory to life to prepare you for the work you’ll be doing.”

——塞德里克·邓莫尔MAC ' 17
LCDC, CIP,私人执业


“I really value the professors and students I connected with. Everyone was at a different place in their career, and all brought unique experiences and perspectives to the table that I learned from. They’re a major part of my professional network.”

- 玛格丽特·默瑟 ' 19 MACT ' 20